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12-Week p5js course

This coding course is generally meant to introduce you to programming and some possibilities for you to use it in your future life. In particular, you will become basically familiar with the p5js library, which among other things will give you a tool to exercise your creativity and make visual pictures.

We hope that by taking part in the course, you will (further) develop your ability to see and think about the world in a different way. This will help you with overcoming challenges and novel situations in your future life. You may also find that you develop interest in further learning programming and wish to continue down that path in the future.

As with learning in any new field, subject, or language, you may face difficulties in the beginning which makes you want to give up. You may start to think that maybe you are not “smart” enough to learn, or maybe you are just not born to do programming. Don't worry and don't give up. The teaching assistants and teacher also started from 0, and are happy to assist you when you need help.

At the end of this course, you will be able to command your computer to create a visual image you imagined in your head. Your improvements and your final product will be documented on our group wiki site, and you will receive a certificate to document your learning as well. Most importantly, you will gain a new sense of self-achievement from being able to successfully acquire a new skill.

Good luck.

  1. week 01: using the console, using variables, calling and making functions, strings , order of execution, using the wiki, screenshots; p5js: 01. using the p5js editor, setup, draw, shapes (rect, ellipse), coordinates, sizes, fill, stroke, color picker
  2. week 02: length, booleans, equality, equality vs. assignment, greater/less than, Math.random, increment; p5js: background, making a function called earth, RGB colors, HSL color, mouseX, mouseY, text, triangle, embedding in the wiki
  3. week 03: reassigning a variable, for loop; p5js: translate, rotate, resetMatrix
  4. week 04: array, index, push, pop, concat, Math.floor, pick
  5. week 05: buildArray, arrow functions, remainder (especially used for looping); p5js: line, begin/end shape
  6. week 06: using objects, class, property, method, Point class; p5js: animation basics
  7. week 07: making your own class 1; p5js: frameRate
  8. week 08: making your own class 2; p5js: more animation
  9. week 09: array review, arrow function review, forEach
  10. week 10: if statement 1
  11. week 11: if statement 2
  12. week 12: map; p5js: gradients
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