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12-Week p5js course

  1. week 01: using the console, using variables, calling and making functions, strings , order of execution, using the wiki, screenshots; p5js: 01. using the p5js editor, setup, draw, shapes (rect, ellipse), coordinates, sizes, fill, stroke, color picker
  2. week 02: length, booleans, equality, equality vs. assignment, greater/less than, Math.random, increment; p5js: background, RGB colors, HSL color, mouseX, mouseY, text, triangle, embedding in the wiki
  3. week 03: reassigning a variable, for loop; p5js: translate, rotate, resetMatrix
  4. week 04: array, index, push, pop, concat, Math.floor, pick
  5. week 05: buildArray, arrow functions, remainder (especially used for looping); p5js: line, begin/end shape
  6. week 06: using objects, class, property, method, Point class; p5js: animation basics
  7. week 07: making your own class 1; p5js: frameRate
  8. week 08: making your own class 2; p5js: more animation
  9. week 09: array review, arrow function review, forEach
  10. week 10: if statement 1
  11. week 11: if statement 2
  12. week 12: map; p5js: gradients
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